Hotels Gaia

We believe that every human being has strong ties to the past, and we are named after the cosmic entity goddess GAIA, who symbolizes earth, beginning and existence in Greek mythology. Just as GAIA creates the sky, mountains and seas, we also design vacation, relaxation and fun for you.

As GAIA Hotels, we have determined ‘Upcycling’ as our motto to protect nature and soil, based on the name we took from mother earth. Upcycling is the redesign of products that no longer serve the purpose for which they were made and used as a brand new product. For this reason, we designed our furniture from idle wood and our bars in GAIA Alaçatı and GAIA Bazaar from old electricity poles of Alaçatı.

We welcome you to GAIA Alaçatı and GAIA Bazaar in Alaçatı’s historical stone houses with unique architecture. We decorated these historical houses with handmade dream catchers, cross-stitch, accessories and exotic baskets to surround you with beauty and make you feel as if you are at a close friend’s home.

We desire you to get out of the intense and exhausting city life and find happiness and peace in the bougainvillea-scented streets of the Aegean. We believe that people should come together and celebrate good times. Holidays are the most precious of these beautiful times. We will be happy to welcome you in our hotels, where you can spend a few days or a few weeks with your friends and family. For your best holidays, enter the GAIA Hotels with their doors open.